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XVGA 5 reel-15 liner
Vibrant graphics and animation with full motion video
3 bonus games (steal the treasure, golden egg, and harp snatch)
Double up game (giant coin flip)
Swan scatter (3 or more swans give free games)
36/10 pin harness ready
Direct drive dispenser/printer
Touch screen Capable

How to play Slot Beanstalk Game
1. Select to bet on 1 line, 3 lines, 5 lines, 7 lines, 9 lines, 11 lines, 13 lines or 15lines by pressing the [line] button or [line] image on the screen
2. Press [Play] to increase the bet or press [max Bet]to maximize the bet(touchPanel use only)on the selected lines
3. Press [Start] to spin the reels then press [stop 1]-[ Stop 5]or [All Stop] or waitfor the reels to stop automatically
4. Player wins if three or more same symbols link one another along the left tothe right side on a selected line
5. Press [Take Win] to continue the main game or press [double] to enter thedouble-up game
6. Press [Auto] to turn on or off the auto play mode. However, if the credit pointsare not enough, the auto play mode is disabled. (Touch Panel use only)